Tesser 20W Portable Solar Panel Charger (Black)

Tesser 20W Portable Solar Panel Charger, Dual USB Output, Waterproof, Ideal for Camping and Outdoor | Charge Anything, Anywhere (Black)


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Inspired by a passion for adventure, the 20W portable solar charger comes with a robust design. With this, you are assured of total energy security and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Its electrical interface is designed to sustain the harshest environment at some of the most remote places on the globe. With Dual USB ports and an LED Indicator, waterproof design to meet your needs.

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: 1X 20W SOLAR PANEL 1X PANEL CASE 1X USER MANUAL REMINDERS: Conditions like the quality and consistency of sunlight will affect the charging process since the unit relies on solar energy/ power. The unit does not store power like a power bank. It needs direct exposure to the sun in order to charge. We suggest you pair this with a power bank that stores energy so you can charge even the sun is out.

  • 20W Dual USB ports with LED Indicator, as soon as the panel comes in contact with the sun, the USB activates
  • It can simultaneously charge 2USB devices up to 2.4A(5V) max per port or 4.0A (5V) as its maximum charging power. And it is compatible with the majority of mobile phones- iPhone series/iPad/Kindle Fire/Galaxy tablets/Galaxy S, GPS, Camera, tablets and other USB devices(USB-A to Lightning Cable is NOT included)
  • Foldable and Lightweight design, this panel can be folded like a book and doesn’t require much space, also it can be easily attached to your backpack as it has 4 hook holes. You can bring it whenever you’re outside travelling, hiking, fishing or trekking so your devices never run out of power while there is sunlight.
  • Automatic Voltage detection and safety Built with voltage stabilization and an innovative chip that detects the best or maximum charging requirement of your device so your devices can be charged at optimum requirement.
  • Highly robust, durable and water-resistant for rigid outdoors.


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Please Note – Xplore The Earth is a distributor of the product, the warranty, delivery and other terms will be decided by the manufacturer – Tesser Energy for this product.

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