Rajkot – Analgadh Hill | Road Trip

This is a guide for visiting Analgadh – one of the few picnic spots near Rajkot.



  • Analgadh is a small hilltop/ temple located approximately 14 km from Gondal and 42 km from Rajkot.
  • The temple was built in 1800s and holds a good significance for the locals and people in surrounding areas.
  • It is very peaceful and quiet but there are good number of visitors on Sundays and Holidays like Janmashtami.
  • The best time to visit Analgadh is during/post monsoons. The views of the green fields on the way and from the hilltop is one of the visuals you can get in Gujarat.


  • Stop on the way at dhaba Jai Bhagwan for a tea
  • Pull over at the villages in between and converse with the locals
  • Reach Analgadh and Pray at the Mataji Temple
  • You can then chill by the cliff, take pictures and watch the fields surrounding the hill
  • You can even spot the Blue Bull or ‘Rojda’ in the nearby fields from the Hill


  • Carry food and water with you if you are visiting for a picnic. There are no shops near the Analgadh hill.
  • There is a lot of garbage disposed off the hill so please refrain from such activities and keep this place clean. Carry an extra bag to collect and bring back your waste.
  • You can stay a little longer for a beautiful sunset.
  • Respect the temple and the place, and do not indulge into any such activities which could be disrespectful.
  • If you aren’t sure about the fuel in your vehicle then refill it on NH27, the last pump is before the Ribda Village. They may/may not accept card.
  • There is heavy traffic on NH27 during late evenings so drive carefully and carry a helmet.

Ensure you travel responsibly and keep your carbon footprint to the minimum. Happy Xploring!

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