Get all the information in just 5 minutes to camp at an unexplored beach, take a dip in a waterfall and relax with the best view on clear white sand beaches all in just 2 days.


Arrive at Jog Falls in morning, enjoy till 11 AM.

Leave for Honnavar

Arrive at Ramanagindi Beach

Camp at the beach

Go to Ram Tirth and Colonel Hill at Honnavar

Enjoy the old light house and ferry ride at Honnavar

Head to Apsarakonda

Enjoy Eco Beach

Swim in the Apsarakonda Waterfall

Enjoy the views at Apsarakonda park and explore the beach behind

Return to your destination


Public Transport

Jog Falls

  • KSRTC busesfrom Bangalore or major towns of Karnataka run to Shimoga.
  • You can get a local bus from the KSRTC bus stand towards JOG Falls. 
  • You can get a bus to Jog Falls from Sirsi bus stand as well


  • Local buses from Jog Falls towards Kumta will take you to Honnavar. buses are less frequent so keep asking the locals for the next bus timings. Usually there is an 11 AM bus to take you to Kumta.
  • You can get down at Kumta as well and take a shuttle van to Ramnagindibeach

Ramanagindi Beach

It is about 20 kms from Kumta and Honnavar in between.

  • Shuttle services from both towns will take you to Ramanagindi in local buses


  • You will have to get an auto or local bus from Honnavar to reach

Self Drive Cars

  • You can rent your car/bikes and travel to all these destinations


Day 1

  • Arrive at Jog Falls early morning.
  • Enjoy breakfast at the restaurant with the view of the falls
  • Leave for Ramnagindi at 11
  • Arrive at Honnavar and have lunch and pack some for dinner
  • Take shuttle to Ramnagindi beach and hike to the beach from the highway.
  • Set up your own tent
  • Have dinner and set your camp fire for the night

Day 2

  • Hike back to the highway and have breakfast at Honnavar
  • Head to see Ram Tirth and  Colonel Hill 
  • You can enjoy a ferry ride from the light house too with the locals
  • Head to Eco Beach towards Apsarakonda
  • Go to Apsarakonda Waterfall and take a refreshing dip
  • Enjoy the views from the Park near the waterfall
  • Descend to the beach from the park and enjoy the beach and sunset
  • Head to your bus pick up point for the return journey from Apsarakonda/Honnavar


  • Ramanagindi is a small untouched beach only used by local fishermen. The beach is empty except some locals taking a stroll in the evening.

You can safely set up your tent on the beach where you feel right but make sure you are polite to locals, don’t disturb them and act responsibly. Ask their permission if they interfere. They were a very kind bunch of people and will never say no.


  • Public Transport – mainly buses and shuttle vans are available to all the above mentioned places. However it may test your patience and comfort.
  • Rented vehicles are not available at any of these locations
  • Autos/Taxis are available at Honnavar-Apsarakonda and Kumta
  • Having your own vehicle will enable you to save time and enhance your comfort


I was not able to try many options on the journey so have mentioned the ones that I went to. 

There will be lots of restaurants and places offering food through out the journey so not to be worried. Except at Ramanagindi Beach, carry your own food and water there.

The places I tried were:

  • Government Restaurant at Jog Falls
  • Kamat at Honnavar


  • Jog Falls is best viewed when the Dam overflows and the falls is at full force usually post monsoon that is August-Sept. The one in the picture is not at its full might. 
  • You can skip ferry ride and light house of Honnavar if you are short on time.
  • The beaches mentioned are all a little rough and not supervised by life guards so don’t go too deep in the waters.
  • Tours by guides will be offered at Jog falls to take you on top of the falls and give you a view from the above if you are interested. 
  • Carry adequate rain wear if you travel during monsoon, it rains unexpectedly. 


If you have more days on your hand, you can club this destination with any of the following near by places: 

  • Gokarna
  • Murudeshwar
  • Hampi 
  • Udupi
  • Kundapura
  • Kodachadri

I personally combined Hampi with this trip as Hampi to Jog Falls (Sirsi) is one night journey and I had enough days at my hand. 

The link to know all about Hampi is right here.

I have also been to Kodachadri – A wonderful trek with the Hidlumane waterfall on the way and to Kundapura – a beautiful coastal town with a meandering river and white sand beaches. 

The link to Kodachadri and Kundapura is right here.

Gokarna is one of the best get away for enjoying some time on the blue waters and white sand beaches.

The link to exploring Gokarna is right here.


Ensure you travel responsibly and keep your carbon footprint to the minimum. Happy Xploring!

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