A short trip to Explore Singapore in 4 Days on a budget. Get to know everything important before you visit Singapore in 5 minutes!


Arrive at Changi

Chat up with new friends at the hostel

Get soaked in the unpredictable rains while exploring the city

Get an umbrella

Marvel at the man made Gardens by the Bay

Drink up and dance under the snow by Supertree Grove

Visit the outstanding ArtScience Museum

Look at the city skyline by the Facade

Spend an entire day reliving childhood at the Universal Studios

Explore the bio diversity of the sea at the SEA Aquarium

Ride the Luge and the Skyline ropeway (once is never enough)

Explore other activities at Sentosa during the day


1000 TO 1200 SINGAPORE DOLLARS. Including Flight from India

Equivalent to 50,000 TO 60,000 INR.


  • Reaching will depend on from where you are travelling.
  • If travelling from India, you get direct flights to Changi International Airport.
  • Getting them from Kochi or Chennai will make the air fare a bit cheaper.



  • Arrive at Changi International Airport.
  • Buy the EZ Link Travel card ($15 with $10 card value).
  • Buy an international sim card.
  • Ride the MRT (Metro) to Chinatown. Navigating the metro is a piece of cake.
  • Check in at the hostel, freshen up and head for the Gardens by the Bay.
  • Explore Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Supertree Grove at the Gardens ($44 entry fee for the whole combo, less if you buy it online)
  • Christmas Carvinal at the Gardens at night along with light show and snow.
  • Head back to hostel to get some rest and prepare for the next day.


  • Early breakfast at the hostel and head to the Marina Bay area via metro.
  • Spend the afternoon at the ArtScience Museum. ($30 entry fee)
  • Learn about multiple themes from various interactive art works.
  • The highlight being ‘Minimalism’.
  • Explore the city skyline from the Facade (Waterfront) in the afternoon and walk to the Merlion.
  • For shoppers, Orchard road is the perfect destination with all luxury brands available at a single destination.
  • Take in the grandeur at the Marina Bay Hotel and wait for nightfall for the famous light and sound water show by the pier.
  • Head back to hostel.


  • Head on early to Vivocity station via metro to catch the Sentosa Express Monorail to Universal Studios.
  • Get an express pass if you hate waiting in lines and want to complete all attractions before closing time. ($65 entry + $30 express pass)
  • Relive your childhood by enjoying various rides and themed attractions at the theme park.
  • Visit the Island Lights art installation at night on Palawan Beach.
  • Head back to hostel.


  • Head on early to Vivocity station via metro to catch the Sentosa Express Monorail to Sentosa Island.
  • Ride the Skyline Luge which is a gravity-fueled ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose-built tracks.
  • Save some rides for the night as the Night Luge is an awesome experience.
  • Head to the Ola beach for some stand up paddleboarding or kayaking.
  • Visit the SEA Aquarium to avoid the hot afternoon sun and explore the marine diversity. Staring at the sharks was definitely the highlight of this one.
  • Rent a bicycle to explore the island and enjoy a drink at sunset by the white sand beaches.
  • Enjoy the Wings of Time light show before heading back to the city.
  • Get some laundry done at a Laundromat if you’re heading to another destination. Catch up on some sleep and bid adieu to the city the next day as you head home.


Hotels are out of option for a budget trip in Singapore as the price is exorbitant. However, Singapore has many cheap and great hostels which provide 3* service with free wifi, breakfast and all the other amenities of a hotel. Most are centered around Chinatown and Little India. There are 6-8 beds (cubicles or sleep pods) in a single room with separate key cards for entry and enough space for your luggage.


  • VeganBurg
  • Eunos Greendot
  • One Raffles Place
  • Joie Restaurant
  • Orchard road Late night food market
  • Little India
  • Any of the 7/11, one located at every 500m

I’ve listed only vegetarian options as I do not eat non-vegetarian. However, Singapore is a foodie’s heaven as it is the birthplace for almost all of the Michelin Star chefs in the Southeast.


You have all these option available in Singapore.

  • Bus Transport Systems,
  • Train Transport System,
  • Taxis and Auto Rickshaws,
  • Bicycles for rent,
  • Walking and Hiking, 

Some valuable insight on using these is given below

Getting the MRT Card is the cheapest and easiest way of transport. Just tap it in when entering the metro or bus and tap out when you exit. You can get it recharged at any MRT Station. Taxis are very expensive. Buses are available for every 200m however, the frequency might be limited so a lot of walking is advised. You can unlock any Ofo bikes or e-scooters in the city via your mobile phone and scoot off any place you want. Press end trip when you reach your destination and park the bike at a reasonable and safe parking location. DO NOT DRINK, EAT OR SMOKE IN THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Or be ready to pay hefty fines. Download CityMapper app for easy navigation.


Transportation :

  1. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be walking a lot.
  2. Get an EZ Link card, don’t forget to get a refund of the $5 deposit when you leave.
  3. Download CityMapper. Google maps may not be that accurate. CityMapper also reminds you when you have to get off at a station and gives the arrival and departure time of trains and buses in real time.
  4. Carry extra clothes, a towel and a bottle of water as you will sweat a lot. Hydrate.
  5. Be alert and get off at the right station, or else you might have to walk a lot backwards and may even get lost.
  6. Don’t forget to tap out with the EZ Link card when you exit or else you might be charged with the highest fare.
  7. Don’t eat and drink on the public transport, not even water.

Attractions :

  1. Get up early and reach the attractions at opening time (generally 10am)
  2. Download Klook app and buy tickets at a discount. Show e-tickets at the gate.
  3. Buy an express pass at Universal Studios if you do not want to wait in line and miss out on some attractions.
  4. Get a one day Singapore FunPass to enjoy various Sentosa Island activities at a discount.

Weather :

  1. Carry an umbrella at any given time of the year. It rains unpredictably. No a raincoat won’t help as you will sweat profusely under the plastic.
  2. Carry a towel as it is very humid.
  3. Spend the early mornings and evenings doing exhausting activities and keep the indoors one during the afternoon to avoid the sun.

Money :

  1. Cards are accepted almost everywhere. Get a Forex Card. However keep some change handy for hawkers or taxis.
  2. Get your foreign exchange from any shop in Chinatown with decent rates for INR against SD.

Culture and Language :

  1. Almost everyone in Singapore speaks English as a second language and their official language is a mix of Singaporean and English called Singlish.
  2. Respect everyone’s personal space.
  3. Do not eat, drink or smoke anywhere in public. There are hefty fines for such acts.
  4. The people are extremely kind, patient and helpful should you need any directions, suggestions or help in general.
  5. The Singaporean diet is very balanced and it’d be rare to find fat people in Singapore except tourists.
  6. Yes, you will encounter a lot of Indians there.
  7. You’ll hardly find any police anywhere, however there is an enormous digital surveillance network in the city and it is 100% safe to roam around even after midnight.

Communication :

  1. You can access free and fast public wifi at almost any place in the city.
  2. However, it is recommended to get an international sim card to use navigational apps for the public transport and staying in touch with people.


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