Pune | Mahabaleshwar | Lavasa in 3 Days!

An exploratory guide that will take you through these 3 destinations in just 3 days. This guide will help you to plan your trip to Pune and destinations around. We have explored a different side of Pune in this guide rather than the shopaholic’s and foodie’s paradise.


Check in at Pune

Visit shaniwarwada and Rajiv Gandhi Zoological park

Next day take a bus to Mahabaleshwar

Negotiate a curated trip package with a local taxi driver

Don’t miss the last bus to Pune at 6pm

Book a car for next day to visit Lavasa

Enjoy the journey to Lavasa

Have lunch at at one of the restaurants and leave for Pune


  • Pune is well accessible by all modes of transport. You can take flights, trains, buses or drive your own vehicles depending on where you are travelling from.
  • Mahabaleshwar will be accessible from Pune via road.
  • Lavasa is accessible by road only. Only cars & bikes can take you to Lavasa. Nearest major airport and railway station will be in Pune. You will either have to take your own vehicle, rent a taxi or take a car rental in Pune.



  • Check in at Pune, have breakfast and hop on to a local bus for Shaniwarwada.
  • Enjoy the the historic place and click pictures with beautiful scenery.
  • Adjacent to it is Jijamata chowk, from there hop on to a bus for Rajiv Gandhi Zoological park.
  • There’s one bus every 20 mins.
  • The Park is well maintained with good variety of wildlife.
  • FC road has loads of restaurant to choose from for dinner while back in Pune.


  • Get up early and catch a bus for Mahabaleshwar.
  • There is 6:15 Shivshahi class (a/c) bus from Shivaji nagar bus station.
  • Reach Mahabaleshwar by 10:30-11 PM.
  • Outside bus station there will be a taxi stand and they’ll offer you plans for local sightseeing based on time and Kms you want to travel.
  • Don’t opt for that, instead plan well and know what you want to visit and demand and negotiate for that curated tour.
  • Visit Venna lake, boating and horse back riding is available there.
  • From there eco point. It has breathtaking views and in monsoon its something out of picture book.
  • From there Lingamala waterfall.
  • We went to Arthur’s seat next. It’s gorgeous as well but with time crunch I would suggest to give it a skip and visit someplace else.
  • Mapro garden was next, strawberry and freshcream speciality is brilliant.
  • There is 6:30 shivshahi bus to return, take it and be back in Pune by 10 PM.
  • Bahubali Parathas in wakad serves good food after all the travelling.
  • Book a Zoomcar for next day.


  • Take some rest, have breakfast and leave for Lavasa at around 12 pm.
  • Soak in the nature while on the journey. It is is picturesque view.
  • Pay a Rs. 500 entry fee. Explore the city.
  • All the activities advertised were not operational. They’ll mostly be active on holidays and the main season times.
  • Leave for Pune by 5:30 – 6 Reach Pune by 8:15 and have lunch at Upsouth, Wakad.


On this trip, we had a friend who hosted us so we didn’t worry about our accommodation options.

However to suggest a few, attaching lists that may help you select a stay of your choice in Pune.


You have a range of choices when in Pune. We were there for one day only and tried food at


When in Pune, you have all the methods of travelling. There is a public transport bus system, rental cars services, autos and taxis, and option to use your own vehicle.
To use the bus transport system better, keep asking the locals and the traffic cops, they’ll give accurate and on point details to get to your destination with ease.

While going to Mahabaleshwar, taking a bus is a good option if you don’t want to drive on hilly terrain and for a bit of long distance. If not bus, taking your/rental car will be the best option.

For going to Lavasa, taking your own vehicle is the best option. It’s a short and easy drive. It’ll give you the luxury to stop and enjoy the views from the road and also give a nice time on the road.


  • Research about Mahabaleshwar and opt for curated tours only to truly explore the place. The spots I mentioned above are worth visiting if you have 1 day to spend.
  • If you have time to stay 2 days or more, then visit some more sights and you can also visit Panchgini which is nearby.
  • We had only 3 days to explore all these places and our trip felt a bit rushed. I would suggest to plan these destinations for more number of days.


This trip was contributed by Community!

Another place near Pune that is perfect for a weekend getaway is camping at the Pawna Lake.

Ensure you travel responsibly and keep your carbon footprint to the minimum. Happy Xploring!

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