A Leisure Trip to Mysore

This itinerary is for a leisure trip to Mysore with a lazy group of friends or family for 2 days.


  • mysore palace
  • mysore palace interior
  • Mysore Palace Interior
  • Mysore

Arrive at Mysore, Tamil Nadu via train

Set up stay at Varsha Enclave, Delta House

Good lunch at Double Barrel

Go visit Shuka Vana/SGS Birds

Visit Mysore Palace in the evening and watch the sun set behind it

Watch, light and sound show later in the evening (at Mysore palace)

Chill indoors and Swiggy your dinner

Morning breakfast at Mylari Dosa

Visit the Mysore Zoo, it’s big!

Visit Mall of Mysore to beat the heat, eat and do bowling

Visit St. Philomena Church in the evening

End your tip with the Death By Chocolate at Corner House


INR 5,000


  • Depending on where you are travelling from, one can choose to take flight (airport 10 km from Mysore palace), train (station 2 km from Mysore Palace), bus (stand 1 km from Mysore Palace) or self drive (Mysore barely has any traffic).
  • We took the Shatabdi train from Bangalore to Mysore. A little expensive then other trains, but a comfortable journey that we covered in 2 hours.




  • Rental cars and bikes, driving around in your own vehicles, taxis and auto-rickshaws as well as walking/hiking, all of these would work out just fine.
  • Though moving around in Uber auto, Ola auto and in general autos is way cheaper and convenient than any of the others.
  • However, while coming out of the airport, train station or bus stand rather opt for Ola or Uber, they will charge you most fairly.



  • Leave Bangalore, Majestic Railway Station at 11am.
  • Be at Mysore by 1.
  • Out of the station and to Delta House, Varsha Enclave by 1:30pm.
  • Freshen up and walk till Double Barrel for one of the fancier lunches (prices are like any other regular bars and pubs). Also, it has its own Brewery and am in love with the name of their dishes and drinks.
  • Take an auto and leave for Shuka Vana (aka SGS Birds) by 3:00pm.
  • The place is nice for a Parrot lover. There are just way too many species of parrots. Might be a little on the noisier end of things – Parrots are talkative bunch. We even clicked a photo while holding those parrots.
  • Leave for Mysore Palace by 4:30pm. Enjoy the palace and its rich history.
  • The light and sound show at the palace starts at 7, so we just sat in the garden front of the palace for a while (light and sound show tickets are separate from the palace tickets).
  • Show got over around 7:45. We went back to our hotel , stayed indoors and Swiggy’d some food.


  • We woke up late. Went for a late breakfast to Mylari Dosa (it’s amazing).
  • We then headed to the Mysore Zoo around 12pm. It’s huge, it was fun and a little tiring by the end of it.
  • We then walked to the Mall of Mysore which is not that far from the Zoo’s main entrance.
  • Food court has all the regular fast food joints – KFC, McDonalds, etc. We decided to chill a while longer and went to the Smaash Zone to do bowling and play pool (playing pool here is extremely cheap).
  • Then at around 5pm we headed to the St. Philomena Church (over 200 years old). We were lucky enough to see a wedding procession as well, it was fun.
  • We called it a day and relaxed in our hotel for the rest of the day and ordered Death by chocolate from Corner House.
  • Next day, we took an early morning train back to Bangalore.


  • While coming out of the airport, train station or bus stand opt for Ola or Uber, they will charge you most fairly.
  • We wanted the holiday to be more of lazing around than visiting the all the attractions. Brindavan Gardens and Chamundeshwari Temple are a couple other places that you may visit if you have not been to these places before.
  • Dussehra in Mysore is absolutely grandeur. This would generally be celebrated in the months of September or October.


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