Island of Gods | Solo Trip to Bali

This itinerary is for a Solo Xploration of Bali for 5 days. It is suitable for solo travelers, a group of friends as well as families.


Land at Ngurah Rai International Airport

Clear Immigration without a visa and book a cab to Canggu

Visit the trendy and tourist friendly cafes and bars at night

Groove to reggae beats at the Sama Sama Reggae Bar

Wash out hard 100 times while surfing at Canggu beach

Rent a scooter and explore majestic waterfalls hidden deep in the woods

Hike up an active volcano at 3:00 am to witness the phenomenal sunrise over the clouds

Spend a whole day sunbathing by the private pool of your dirt cheap villa

Relish lip smacking meal options at healthy vegan cafes spread across Bali

Make your way through the dense jungle to reach the beautiful Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Lighten your wallet at the Ubud Art Market

Have an amazing Balinese massage to relieve you of all the exhaustion of the journey


INR 50,000 for 5 days


  • Flight
  • Self-drive
  • Ferry
    Bali is an island so you need to catch a flight from India which will land at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali with a stopover in Singapore or Kuala Lampur. AirAsia and Jet Airways have cheap flight options depending on the season.



  • Land at Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Clear Immigration without visa (Indian Nationals can travel to Bali visa free)
  • Rent a cab from outside the airport to the FRii Bali Echo beach hotel in Canggu
  • Get an international SIM card and exchange currency on the way
  • Chill at the pool just outside the room and enjoy a little evening rain
  • Rent a scooter provided by the hotel and go out for dinner or drinks at Old Man’s or Motel Mexicola
  • Go to bed buzzed after making a lot of new friends


  • Have a light and healthy breakfast at the hotel and head to the beach
  • Take surfing lessons for a couple of hours on the beach
  • Wash out 100 times and eventually give up surfing for life
  • Explore the peaceful Canggu area and go shopping in little boutique shops
  • Head to the beach for a lovely pink sunset with a drink in hand
  • Make some more friends playing beer pong


  • After breakfast, book a cab and head for Ubud (2 hours by car)
  • Reach your villa and relax by the pool
  • Post lunch, head to the Sacred Monkey Forest to play with some cheeky Macacs.
  • Go polish your bargaining skills at the Ubud Art Market in the evening
  • Dine at any of the healthy vegan restaurants in Ubud


  • Get up before sunrise and drive to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces (45 mins)
  • Park your scooter in an empty parking lot and wake up the ticket officer
  • Hike alone in a dense and dark rice terrace to reach the top and gaze at the amazing sunrise as the freshly sowed paddies come to life
  • Click some pictures, have a little chat with the local farmers and hike back as stray cats give you company
  • After changing your sweaty clothes, head to the Tegenangun waterfall post lunch. (1 hour)
  • Climb down a long flight of stairs to the waterfall and you are sure to be soaked with multiple photo ops on the way
  • Return to hotel early and rest for Mt. Batur Trek the next day


  • Get up early at 2:00 am as the pick up for the trek arrives at the hotel reception
  • Reach the base of Mt. Batur at 3:00 am and start the trek in pitch black
  • Make your way panting to the top of the volcano just before sunrise
  • Witness the most beautiful and deserving sunrise of your life as it emerges slowly from underneath the clouds
  • Have a heavenly breakfast of banana cake and egg sandwiches made on the peak by the local guides
  • Descend and drop off at the hotel at lunch time
  • Chill by the hotel pool while sunbathing and having a few drinks
  • Go for dinner in the city or pack and go to bed early, ready but not ready to leave the next morning


  • FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel in Canggu
  • Jati Cottages in Ubud
    Out of all the options I had, I’d rate these as the best ones for their value for money. At 2500 INR per night, both properties are a steal with the former having a walk-in pool and the latter offering a private villa.


Bali is the place for you if you are a foodie like me. The Balinese cuisine has perfectly integrated with the needs of the millions of multi-ethnic tourists and offers a variety of restaurants that’ll just have you wanting more.
There are almost 2 vegan and vegetarian restaurants every kilometer in Bali. You can also have a decent meal with drinks in any moderate bar around Bali


  • Rental Cars/Bikes
  • Taxis
  • Bicycles
  • If you’re not keen on driving yourself, hire a local cab or take the green intercity buses available throughout the island.
  • Both public and private ferries can take you around the island via its ports.
  • Bali being a tourist hub has all kinds of transportation available depending on the situation and destination. Some quick tips though :
    • Grab, Uber and GoJek are the apps for cheap and convenient mode of private cab/bike taxi for transportation around the island.
    • However, in some places, these services are “illegal” as per the locals and it is best to avoid using them in areas like Seminyak or Canggu.
    • Do not be alarmed if your Uber driver asks you to meet them down the street to avoid a scuffle with the hotel staff.
    • It is much easier to rent a scooter as the roads are quite narrow and without any lane separation.
    • You can rent a scooter from almost anywhere in Bali for 250-500/- INR per day. Demand Insurance and do not forget to BARGAIN.


1. The Balinese are a religious and welcoming people. Respect the rules of the temples and public places.
2. Cover your knees with a sarong when you visit a temple if you’re wearing shorts.
3. Talk to everyone and I mean EVERYONE. Each individual has a unique story to tell and it is hands down the best way to explore the culture around Bali. Also, nobody likes a grumpy traveler.
1. Use Grab, Uber and GoJek as they are cheap and convenient. But avoid them in places like Seminyak and Canggu
2. Blue Bird Taxis can be seen all over the island but not all are verified or authentic.
3. Confirm the fare before you get in and BARGAIN, BARGAIN, BARGAIN!!!!
4. Renting a scooter is the best option if travelling solo or as a couple. Wear a helmet and always get insurance.
5. The whole of the island is accessible by roads and a scooter is guaranteed to get you anywhere you desire as the roads are narrow.
1. Bali does not have free public WiFi anywhere except cafes’ so it is advisable to get a SIM card as soon as you land.
2. Get a Telkomset prepaid SIM card with 4G data in the city and not at the airport.
3. The connectivity of cellular signals around Bali keeps fluctuating and the hotel WiFi may not be as fast.
1. 1 INR = 200 IDR (Indonesian Rupaih)
2. Yes, Bali is very very very cheap as compared to India and if you exchange a $100 note you’re down to get a big fat stash of cash in hand.
3. Coins are worthless so it is not wise to bring any back except as souvenir.
4. Cards are accepted almost everywhere except small shops but you need to have an International Credit Card which has IDR loaded into it. Otherwise be ready for a 3% exchange fee.
5. Cash is accepted everywhere though, EVERYWHERE!!


Deserving to be known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali was one of my first solo as well as first international trip. Even though it is a tiny island in a massive archipelago of the country of Indonesia, it has plenty of gorgeous areas. If you enjoy scenic beaches, should definitely consider staying at Uluwatu. If you want a mix of beaches and hip cafés by the dozen, then choose Canggu. However, if you love yoga or want a wellness getaway, then choose Ubud. If you want to stay in the midst of nature and love really quiet and offbeat places, then choose Sidemen.

November December may be the perfect time to visit Bali as I found it a little humid but less touristy. The sandy beaches, the soothing waves, hip cafes, mouth watering food and the ever smiling, warm and welcoming Balinese people, a 5 day trip to this beauty is an injustice as I understood talking to some of my fellow travelers who’ve made this place their home since a couple of months. I’m not done with Bali yet, it definitely has to welcome more of me in the next years to come.


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