Solo Tripping Kochi

A 3 day Xploratory itinerary contributed by Amanjot Singh to help you discover what you can do by yourself when you are visiting the city of Kochi, Kerala.


Kochi is well accessible by all major modes of transport. You can take direct flight, trains or use the road network to arrive at Kochi. The airport has frequent flights from all major cities of India.

I travelled from bangalore by bus at night and for return, took a train.


Rs. 4,000 to 5000 for 3 days.


Though it is suitable to travel around the year but I’ll suggest you plan your trip in December-Feburary. The city puts up a incredible exhibition with German embassy. It is put all across the city with public ceremonies at night.



Spend your day exploring


You can spend time on the beaches and visiting the nearby spots like

All these spots are nearby each other and you can walk and check out each of them.


  • Just explore the parts of city you would like to
  • Or stay in your hostel or cafes & talk to people and have fun,
  • Or relax on the beach.

If you want more extensive idea about the places in and around Kochi then you can check out google Trips page for the complete guide of Kochi here.


Hostel by the sea. It is a government initiative therefore they charge nominal price of 500.
It is situated at the prime location plus just opposite to the ocean.

I can’t imagine a better place. The staff is friendly, you get to meet people of different nationalities, in short it’s dope.



There are a lot of famous cafes nearby the main beach and promenade, but my favourite is Mocha Art cafe.

If you want to try local cuisine you can go to Fathima fast food corner. It is a famous local joint where you won’t find any tourist but still packed.


It’s a well developed city with all options of transport available. However having a bike will allow you the last mile commute and will make your experience better.

Bikes can be booked prior with royal bikes as It is difficult to find a vehicle for rent on spot

Ferries are dirt cheap and optimum way to travel over the local buses. You should be easily able to locate the pickup and drop points of ferries on Google Maps.


  • 3 day trip is ideal
  • Government attractions have a nominal charge with set time of closing
  • Carry water and lotions obviously, it gets very humid
  • If you are staying at a hostel or a communal place don’t forget to interact with fellow travelers.


I met 3 people from Greece on the first day & that night and we ended up deciding to roam together the next day. Talking about each others life experiences, music, culture and whatnot.

We ate at this local fast food joint the next which I was sure will give them diarrhea next morning but gladly nothing happened. It was like a movie.

Traveling is a necessity of life and not a luxury.

Amanjot Singh


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Ensure you travel responsibly and keep your carbon footprint to the minimum. Happy Xploring!

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