Xploring Gokarna

A brief guide to Gokarna, a coastal town in North Karnataka.


Arrive at Gokarna in the afternoon

Relax on the Main Beach

Camp at Paradise Beach

Check into Zostel the Next day

Chill at Kudle Beach

Kayaking at Om Beach

Chill at Zostel

Visit Vibhuti Falls and Yana Rock Caves

Sunset at Labyrinth

Chill more at Zostel

Explore Half Moon beach or any other beach for half a day

Depart from Gokarna


INR 6-8k depending upon how you chill.


  • Gokarna has a bus station and a railway station (Gokarna Road)
  • Less trains come here, Nearby stations: Kumta, Ankola
  • Buses available from Goa, Bangalore too
  • Private Vehicle



  • Reach Gokarna Road station around 4 PM
  • Walk for approximately 500 meters to reach bus stop
  • Reach Gokarna Bus Stand
  • Rent two-wheeler and tent from Aparajitha Bike Rent
  • Head to Main Beach Gokarna
  • Eat at Namaste Samudra Cafe Chill at Beach/Leave for Belecan
  • Buy snacks/beverages on the way
  • Arrive at Om Shanti Paradise Shack ( https://goo.gl/maps/Xs7zpkuHL7J2 )
  • You can eat here (not many options for vegetarians so carry your snacks), park your vehicle (Rs. 50/night)
  • Trek to Paradise beach, it is safe, and 1-2 km trek
  • Find a good place on the beach and pitch your tent
  • Chill, eat and drink there
  • A small stall is available on the beach which offers 2-3 food items


  • Trek back to Belekan
  • Freshen up at Om Shanti Paradise/ Head to Zostel, keep the luggage in common area and freshen up (Check-in at 12)
  • Go to Kudle Beach, have breakfast at La Pizzeria
  • Chill at the beach Trek/Ride/Take a ferry to Om Beach
  • Have a late lunch at Namaste Cafe
  • Chill for sometime
  • Go for Kayaking
  • Walk till the end of Beach
  • Come back to Zostel
  • Have Dinner at Mantra Cafe, Zostel (last order is at 10 PM)
  • Chill by the common area, swing on Hammocks, play games with new friends at Hostel


  • Start early, have breakfast at Mantra Cafe
  • Leave for Vibhuthi Falls (51 Kilometers from Gokarna)
  • You can halt on the way to grab snacks
  • Reach, pay the entry fees (approx. Rs. 10)
  • Swim at the falls
  • Have light snacks on the way back to entry
  • Ride to Yana Caves
  • Road are very bad and it is a hill climb Keep riding until you see the huge sign board, it is approximately 8 kilometers from entry of Vibhuthi Falls
  • Sit by the rocks, go to Temple, and head back
  • Go to Labyrinth (near Kudle Beach parking) for Sunset
  • Enjoy the Sunset Return the vehicle
  • Eat at any of the cafes on beaches or come back to Zostel and eat at Mantra

You can also visit Murudeshwara Temple or Jog Falls. These are other two options for a day trip from Gokarna. I personally don’t feel Vibhuthi Falls and Yana Rock Caves were worth the whole day, especially since the ride to Yana is very rough and tiring.


  • Head to Om Beach for 2nd round of Kayaking after Breakfast
  • You may see dolphins before 10 AM
  • Take a Ferry or trek to Half Moon Beach and chill there
  • Take a Ferry back to Om Beach or Kudle Beach
  • Have lunch
  • Pick up luggage and depart from Gokarna


  • Camp at Paradise Beach for at least 1 night
  • Zostel – located between main beach and Kudle beach, with a view of whole main beach
  • Cheaper options: Rooms behind or along with shacks on Kudle Beach, Om Beach
  • Luxury: Kahani Paradise Resort, Belecan


  • Namaste Samudra Cafe, Gokarna Main Beach
  • Om Shanti Paradise, Paradise Beach Road, Belekan
  • La Pizzeria, Kudle Beach
  • Namaste Cafe, Om Beach
  • Mantra Cafe, Zostel


  • Rental 2-Wheeler
  • Own Vehicles
  • Ferry
  • Trek along the hills between beaches for spectacular view, there are easy trails for trek between each of the beaches
  • If you need a vehicle: Aparajitha Bike Rent – Near Gokarna Bus Stand, Opp. Urban Bank. 9900514424, 8105769202, 9473022780


  • Carry your own Water Bottle, you can refill it at shacks and also at Zostel
  • The lady who runs Aparajitha Bike Rent is very helpful, and she provides parcel services, stitching, and even hammocks for sale
  • You can get an illustrative guide to Gokarna at Zostel
  • If you are sure about staying at Zostel, keep checking the availability and book at your convenience, as it could be full when you arrive
  • Not all shacks on Kudle beach are open to giving rooms to Indian customers, especially if they have more foreign tourists, so plan accordingly
  • You can spend all the nights at Paradise Beach, reach there on time if you are relying on ferry
  • Take buses to-and-fro for railway station, it is 20 times cheaper than autos
  • If your travel includes reaching or leaving Gokarna in Train, keep atleast 2 hours buffer time as all my trains in this trip were delayed over an hour


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