A Weekend in Pondicherry

A brief guide to spending a leisure weekend in Pondicherry with friends. This was a leisure trip taken from Bangalore.


Arrive at Pondicherry and check into Gurukulam Hostel

Go to Rock Beach, sit and chill at the pier of Rock Beach

Have Breakfast at Le Cafe

Leave for Auroville and check out the Golden Globe

Have lunch at place of your choice in Auroville

Explore places to eat and drink

Go to Paradise Beach

Lunch at Coromandel Cafe

Walking through Sunday market and Merchandise street

Coffee/Green Tea at Cafe des Art


INR 5000-8000 for a weekend


There are a lot of options available to reach Pondicherry, depending upon where are you travelling from:

  • Flight
  • Train
  • Bus/ Self- drive

If you are travelling from nearby places like Chennai or Bangalore, taking a road transport is the most convenient option.


  • Arrive at Pondicherry Bus Station (6 AM)
  • Take an auto for Gurukulam Hostel (Rs. 80-100 max)
  • Drop Luggage at hostel
  • Walk to the Rock (Promenade) Beach
  • Sit on the pier of beach – beautiful early morning view
  • Have breakfast at Le cafe
  • Come back to the hostel to freshen up and ask the hosts to arrange for scooters
  • Leave for Auroville to see the Golden Globe
  • Spend the day chilling at Auroville, eating and drinking
  • Lunch – many options available (vegan, veg, non-vegetarian)
  • Coffee at Bread and Chocolate
  • Drinks at Le space
  • Dinner at Xotic Gastropub
  • Come back to Hostel


  • Have Breakfast at Hostel (fresh and tasty South Indian Breakfast)
  • Ride to Boat house and take a Ferry for Paradise Beach
  • Go to Coromandel Cafe for Lunch
  • Walk through the Sunday Market and Merchandise Street to explore the town
  • Go for Coffee/ Green Tea at Cafe des Art
  • Come back to Hostel, pack up, chill with people at Hostel
  • Leave for Bangalore


I stayed at the Gurukulam hostel. It is located in the White Town. It is barely 5 km from the main bus stop and 1.2 km from the rock beach. Paid Rs.600 for one night for one bed (inclusive of Breakfast).

It is an art hostel. All the walls are painted with beautiful and artistic expressions. It was neat and the hosts were very friendly and warm.

Hostel is one of the best options to stay as you get a chance to meet and know more people and it’s very cheap.


  • Le Cafe, Near Rock Beach – Breakfast
  • Bread and Chocolate, Auroville – Coffee
  • Le Space – Drinks (only in-house special cocktails)
  • Xotic Gastropub – Dinner
  • Cafe Coromandel – Lunch (a must)
  • Cafe des Art – Coffee/ Green Tea


Renting a two-wheeler is the best option to travel within Pondicherry. A boat/ferry is available to reach at Paradise Beach. Hostel hosts arranged for two-wheeler. We paid Rs. 300 for one scooter for one day.

Alternatively, you can get bicycle for rent or walk around if you are exploring the White Town.


  • Walking and cycling is the best way to explore white town.
  • The auto drivers will always charge extra, so be prepared to bargain.
  • It is a very peaceful and relaxing place. It is not as hip as Goa. So dress accordingly. Specifically for girls, wear something comfortable as there is a lot to walk (in Auroville and otherwise) and locals don’t generally react well to short and revealing clothes.


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