7 Days Solo Trip | Manali

This is a guide to how go vacationing in Manali to get relieved from all the stress in your life. It includes a little bit of everything that Manali has to offer!


Explore Delhi for a day

Reach Manali and Relax

Take a dip in Vashishth Kund

Trek to Jogini Falls

Rock Climbing and River Crossing on the way back

Ride to Rohtang Pass followed by River Rafting

Eating and Drinking in Town

Ride to Kothi Compound

Bijli Mahadev Temple and Mandi


INR 20-25k for a week


The best way to reach Manali is by road, multiple buses and taxis run from nearby tourist places like Shimla, Dharamshala, Kullu, and Delhi. You can also self-drive or hire a bike from any of these places.

I took a bus from Delhi at 10 PM.



  • Reach Delhi in the Morning
  • Check-in at the hotel of your choice or check-in your luggage at cloak room of station
  • There are plenty of things to do in Delhi, and you can decide how do you want to spend the day, here is what I did:
    • Roam around in the capital and explore the places/cafes that you want to
    • Visit Cannaught Place, Palika Bazaar, etc.
    • Explored Old Delhi a bit
  • Return to the Hotel, and take a bus for Manali


  • Reach Manali in the morning
  • Walk for a bit from the bus station and get a shuttle auto/vehicle for Vashishth Kund
  • You can check-into hotel near Vashishth Kund or stay in tents
  • For staying in tents, here is what I did, I crossed the raw houses on the way to Vashishth Kund after getting down the vehicle, and continued until I crossed the bridge, just then, there is a lane where in you should be able to see a tents pitched, and you can pitch it there too
  • Settle down and go to Vashishth Kund for a relaxing bath
  • Explore the nearby places, socialise with your new neighbours and chill for the day


  • Wake up early
  • Move your luggage to Hotel Valley View and Freshen up
  • Start the Trek to Jogini Falls
  • Post the trek, approach local vendors offering activities like Rock Climbing and River Crossing
  • Go for Round 2 of relaxing in Vashishth Kund
  • Explore the market in Manali Town and enjoy local food


  • Rent a bike from vendors near Hotel
  • Ride towards the Rohtang Pass
  • Explore the Villages nearby
  • Go for River Rafting near the entry junction of Manali and Kullu
  • Paragliding is also available in Kullu
  • Return back to the town after activities
  • Enjoy at local bars and Cafes like Khyber and Lazy Dog


  • Go to Kothi Compound for a day’s stay
  • There wouldn’t be network or any supplies there so carry some food
  • Relax there, enjoy the views between the mountains
  • If you don’t want to spend the whole day there, you can hire a local guide for a Trek to Bhrigu Lake


  • Ride to Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Enjoy the environment there and chill for sometime
  • Ride to Mandi later on, it has a scenic lake with a piece of land floating on the lake
  • Come back to the Hotel


Explore the town, market and places to eat in Manali before taking a bus back to Delhi.


  • Camp near Vashishth Kund
  • Hotel Valley View, Near Vashishth Kund
  • Cottages/huts in Kothi Compound



You can use local buses or rent your own vehicle for places at a distance. Places nearby should be explored by hiking/trekking.


This trip was Contributed by Community!

I went to Manali Solo and celebrated my birthday there! Manali offers peace, adventure and fun, all at once!

Mohit Budhdev

You can reach Mohit for any queries about this trip on his Facebook and Instagram.

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